Elsmere Canyon, Santa Clarita, California

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Source of the Elsmere Canyon name Oil History
Animal Life Plant Life
Waterfalls Caves
Recent Photos Historic Photos
Geology and Paleontology La Puerta
Fires 2004-05 Record Rains
The Dump Were Movies Shot in Elsmere Canyon?
Los Angeles Aqueduct Early Settlements
1981 Plane Crash Kills 2

Oil History and Geology of the Newhall Oil District

The Pico Anticline

Pico Canyon
Wickham Canyon
Dewitt Canyon
Lyon Canyon
Towsley Canyon
Wiley Canyon
Leaming Canyon
Rice Canyon
East Canyon
Tunnel Area
Whitney Canyon
Placerita Canyon

The Pioneer Oil Refinery (1877 - 1888)
The Newhall Oil Refinery That Never Was - Hart vs. Trumble (1928)
The Newhall Refinery (1930 - 1989)
Did Andres Pico Refine Oil for the San Fernando Mission in the 1850's?
Early Court Cases Pertaining to the Newhall Oil District

Stephen Peckham 1866 Oil Description of the Newhall Oil District
Jules Marcou 1876 Report on the Geology of a Portion of Southern California
1903 Claim map of the Newhall Oil Field
R. W. Walling 1934 Map of the Newhall Oil Field

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Location of the canyons. Pico, Towsley/Wiley, Rice/East, Elsmere/Whitney, and Placerita have parking areas and are open for public hiking.

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