Nathaniel J. Clark vs. Ruben Denton
Case No. 3375

Nathaniel Clarke (spelled Clark in the case documents) had loaned money to D.C. Scott and J.G. Baker (no relation to R.S. Baker) that they used for their Star Oil Works company, which included the Lyon's Station refinery and verbal permission to drill for oil by Robert S. Baker on the Pico Springs Claim. They sold the business to Reuben (also spelled Ruben) Denton. That sale included assuming the debt of the business. Denton would not repay Clarke so Clarke filed this suit and would win.

Existing Case Documents:

Amended Complaint - Filed September 23, 1876 (Complaint filed July 15, 1876)

Answer to Amended Complaint - Filed October 11, 1876

Judgement of Court - Filed February 9, 1877