Andrew J. Kraszynski vs. The Los Angeles Petroleum Refining Company
Case No. 596

On May 14, 1874, Andrew Kraszynski filed suit against the Los Angeles Petroleum Refining Company in Los Angeles County Court claiming that they owe him money because they set up a refinery on his property without his permission. He wanted them removed with damages paid to him. The Company answered that Adam Malezewski was the owner of the land (which included Lyon's Station), not Kraszynski, and Malezewski had sold them the land in question. The court ruled in favor of the Los Angeles Petroleum Refining Company.

What makes this case (and Case No. 2479) so interesting is there is no mention of Sanford Lyon. If the documents can be believed (and there is no reason why they shouldn't), then by August 6, 1872, Lyon was not only no longer living at Lyon's Station, but did not own the land that contained it.

It also appears that Kraszynski never actually owned Lyon's Station. He would move over to his newly built Andrew's Station in 1875.

Existing Case Documents:

Complaint - Filed May 14, 1874

Answer - Filed May 19, 1874

Dismissal in Favor of Defendant - Filed June 5, 1874