Dewitt Canyon, Santa Clarita, California

Looking south up the west fork of Dewitt Canyon showing the Pico Anticline. Harder beds more resistant to weathering stick out creating this spectacular scenery.

Dewitt Canyon is located east of Mentryville between Wickham and Towsley Canyon south of Pico Canyon Road. It drains into Pico Canyon on the north. The mouth is blocked by the Southern Oaks tract of Stevenson Ranch, so access to the canyon is difficult. There is, in fact, no public access and most of the canyon appears to be private property (based on a Lyons Canyon Ranch map of the area). There is a fenced in debris basin at the end of Greensbrier Road that is basically the mouth of the canyon.

About 11 wells were drilled in the canyon, but none of them were successful. Like the other canyons, Dewitt partially bisects the Pico Anticline.


The Naming of the Canyon
History of Oil Development