Lyons Canyon Ranch

Lyons Canyon Ranch is a housing project (TR53653) covering about 235 acres of land in Lyon Canyon. As you can see on the above map, it is bordered on the east by the old road and on the south by Towsley Canyon. This is unincorporated land in Los Angeles County and not part of the City of Santa Clarita.

The project would cover about 105 acres leaving the remaining 130 acres as open space. There would be 92 detached single-family lots and 1 condominium lot for 93 senior condominium units. 3.8 million cubic yards of earth would be graded to allow for construction.

Of the approximate 1735 oak trees on the site, 214 would have been removed or "encroached".

The project was originally submitted to the City of Santa Clarita for review and possible annexation in 2002. It was withdrawn from the city in May of 2005. The project was redesigned and filed with the County of Los Angeles in June of 2005. The project was approved in 2009.

To read the (large) Draft Environmental Impact Report and the other project documents follow this link or this link.

Tract map