Lyon Canyon TV Shows and Movies


Lyon Canyon was evidently the home of the Valencia Oaks Movie Ranch at one time. I have found no information on the ranch. The Dukes of Hazzard TV show (1979-1985) filmed many episodes in the canyon. Here are a couple of aerial views showing locations of various buildings and episodes. (Courtesy of Conall Doherty)

Here are some stills from actual episodes compared to how the location looks today (2014) in the canyon.




"Cottonwood Corners"


2014 - A wider view


The "Skin Game" (1971) starring James Garner and Lou Gossett has some scenes filmed in Lyon Canyon. Another movie was "Nothing But Trouble" (1981) starring Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, and Demi Moore. Although partially filmed in the canyon, mattes were used for much of the background, as I will show below.

Here is the mansion from the movie in 1981. Photo taken by and courtesy of Jerry Schneider author of "Western Movie Making Locations, Volume I, Southern California, Corriganville Press, California, 2011.

2013 - Photo taken by me toward the southwest. I was on Sagecrest near its intersection with The Old Road.

Nothing But Trouble still: Close view of mansion. This appears to be untouched - note the trees.

Nothing But Trouble still: Mattes have obviously used for the whole right part and background of this view.

Nothing But Trouble still: Police cars approaching drawbridge. The background is a matte.

Nothing But Trouble still: Another view of approaching cars. This time the background is real.

Nothing But Trouble still: Closer view of bridge with real background.

Current west view of bridge (2013)

Current view of bridge (2013)

Closeup of bridge hardware (2013)