Pioneer Refinery 1989 Vandalism and Donation to City

In May of 1989, the Pioneer Refinery was vandalized by gang members. Two gang members would eventually plea bargain themselves into community service. After the vandalism, Chevron, owners of the refinery, considered donating the refinery to the city. It would take eight years, but that would come true in 1997. The restoration of the city-owned refinery has not happened yet (as of 2017).

Why are they standing there blocking the grafitti? It's not a story about them. The refinery was constructed in 1877 not 1876. Newhall Signal, May 12, 1989.

The refinery was built in 1877. It would have 4 stills. Two stills were removed by Standard Oil in 1961 for their oil museum in Richmond, California. They are still in Richmond. Newhall Signal, May 13, 1989

Newhall Signal, May 16, 1989

Again, the refinery was built in 1877, not 1876. Newhall Signal, May 18, 1989

Newhall Signal, May 19, 1989

Newhall Signal, May 20, 1989

Newhall Signal, May 21, 1989

Newhall Signal, May 23, 1989

Newhall Signal, May 24, 1989

Newhall Signal, June 2, 1989

After the vandalism, Chevron considering donating refinery to city. It was not "moved to its current site in 1886". It was built right there in 1877. Newhall Signal, June 3, 1989

Newhall Signal, June 6, 1989

Actually, the refinery was constructed at its present site in 1877. The first two stills were taken from the Lyon's Station refinery. Newhall Signal, August 18, 1989

The refinery was never known as Andrew's Station. That was a stagecoach stop about 1/8 of a mile from the refinery. Newhall Signal, July 10, 1997

Newhall Signal, July 12, 1997

City council accepted the refinery from Chevron. Newhall Signal, August 27, 1997

Newhall Signal, September 2, 1997