Newhall Refinery Site Changes: 1952 - 2003

The site of the Newhall Refinery has undergone many changes through the years. Here are four aerial photos taken by the US Department of Agriculture from 1952, 1969, 1980, and 2003. Imagine yourself looking out from below an airplane back to the refinery. You are upside down. Beale's Cut is at the bottom, center left of each photo.

These images are from website.

1952. Sierra Highway on the left. Highway 14 has not been built yet. There are just a few tanks south of Clampitt Road, the horizontal road off of, perpendicular to, and then parallel to, Sierra Highway. (Note: E.A. Clampitt was a pioneer oilman of the Tunnel Area and Elsmere Canyon. See more information about him on the Elsmere Canyon oil page.)

Note the dirt road on the far right following the north-south direction of the future Highway 14 (parallel to Sierra Highway). This is more than likely part of the "Old Road". All old maps show the road coming down from the north where Clampitt Road is and, instead of curving west like Clampitt Road does, continuing straight south up and over Fremont Pass.

1969. More tanks, including two very large ones, have now been constructed south of Clampitt Road. The biggest change is the construction going on of Highway 14 on the right (east). It will be completed by 1972.

1980. A large square holding tank has been constructed just north of Beale's Cut. The refinery has been expanded on both sides of Clampitt Road. The Los Pinetos underpass to the freeway is in the upper right part of the photo. The part of Clampitt Road to the north of the underpass was, for some reason, renamed Remsen Road. That part of the road (and only the road) is owned by the City of Santa Clarita.

2003. The refinery had been closed since 1989 and most of the structures have been removed. Just one of the two large tanks remains.