The Larinan Family

From U.S. Census records (up to 1930 - the 1940 and later censuses are not available to the public), California Voter Registrations (up to 1960), and death records, I have pieced together the following information (and, unfortunately, have found no Larinan family photos):

Sometime between 1928 and 1930 newly divorced George B. Larinan and his probably married son George B. Larinan, Jr, moved from Pasadena into a house at the mouth of the future Wickham Canyon. They were actually there before the Wickhams. The house burned down in 2000. See fire picture and story here.

From the Santa Clarita Valley History in Pictures see Bill Rundberg's "Special Memories of Pico Canyon" for his memories of the Larinans.

Patricia Westcott also mentions the Larinans here.

The Larinan ranch house stood on the south side of Pico Canyon Road, halfway between Interstate 5 and Mentryville. Photo 1997 by Leon Worden. (Used by permission of Leon Worden).

In 2000, the ranch burned down. See here for the Daily Signal's story on the SCVHistory website.

Detailed History:

George Brown Larinan was born on February 16, 1881, in Illinois to Michael Larinan (Nov. 1844,Ireland - 1911,Illinois) and Lillie (Lillian) Brown Larinan (b-1854, Illinois - date of death unknown but probably between 1911-1920).

Michael was a blacksmith who had emigrated from Ireland in 1850. He and Lillie were married in 1857. Michael fought in the Civil War in the 18th New York Infantry. The Civil War pension request filed by Lillie after his death in 1911 showed that his last name may have originally been O'Larney. On the 1900 U.S. census (for Moline, Illinois) George had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Michael and Lillie are reported as having had 11 children with 8 still living. The 1910 census had them still living in Moline, Illinois.

On the 1910 U.S. Census (for Pasadena, California), 28 year old George was married (in 1909) to 38 year old Cornelia Lindsey (born in Iowa). From Cornelia's previous Keller marriage they had a family consisting of Robert Keller (19), Will (16), Edward (12), John (9), and Dorothy (3). George's occupation was a beekeeper.

On the 1920 U.S. Census (for Pasadena), George and Cornelia were still married and had Dorothy (13-from Cornelia's previous marriage), plus their children - George B., Jr. (9), and James S. (7). George was still a beekeeper.

Between 1920 and 1930 (and probably closer to 1930) George and Cornelia were divorced.

Sometime between 1928 and 1930, probably right after the divorce, George moved to Pico Canyon at the mouth of Wickham Canyon in Newhall. The 1928 Voter Registration for Newhall did not have him listed but he was listed on the 1930 Voter Registration.

On the 1930 census for the Soledad Precinct, George (49) is living with George, Jr. (19) and his wife Maude Nadine (born 1910 in Oklahoma, maiden name Carlson or Carlston). They have a child, Mollie Nadine. Mollie lived from 11/8/1928 to 4/22/1990.

On 5/9/1931, Lillian Rae is born to George and Maude. Lillian Rae died on 6/24/1983.

The 1930 census for Redondo Beach shows that George Sr's ex-wife Cornelia (48) was living with James (17).

The 1932 Newhall Voter Registration list only shows George B. Larinan.

On 2/26/1933, James Michael is born to George and Maude. James died on 4/11/2000 in Goleta, California.

The 1934 Newhall Voter Registration list shows George B. and Mrs Maude N.

In 1935, George was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. See the below Los Angeles Times article from July 10, 1935. I have found no more details about this incident (and the article was cut off in the Times archive).

The 1936 Newhall voter list only shows George B. Larinan (as a farmer).

The 1938 Newhall voter list shows George B. (as a farmer) and George B. Jr. (as a construction worker).

The 1940 Newhall voter list shows George B. Jr. (a construction worker) and Mrs. Dorothy. Sometime between 1934 and 1940 George Jr and Maude's marriage ended. I suspect Maude died because the three children stayed with George Jr. but I can't find any death record for Maude. The fate of Maude is a big mystery to me.

In 1940 George Sr is listed as living with a Miss Jessie at 1312 Walnut Street. She must be George's younger sister Jessie (12/7/1883-9/15/1953). Jessie is listed as being a housewife.

The 1942, 1944, 1946, 1948, 1950, and 1952 Newhall voter lists show George B. Jr. and Mrs Dorothy at the Wickham Canyon home.

The 1942, 1944, 1946, and 1948 Newhall voter lists show George B. and a Miss Jessie living at 1312 Walnut Street. In 1950, only Miss Jessie is listed at the Walnut Street house. In 1952, only George Sr is listed at the Walnut Street house.

The 1954 Newhall voter list only shows Mrs. D at the Wickham Canyon house. George B is still at the 1312 Walnut Street house, but Miss Jessie is gone.

The 1956, 1958, and 1960 Newhall voter lists again show both Mrs. Dorothy and George B Jr at the Wickham Canyon house. George B is still the only one listed at the 1312 Walnut Street house.

On July 13, 1955, Cornelia Lindsey Larinan, George's ex-wife, died in Los Angeles County. She was born in Iowa on January 4, 1871.

On June 6, 1965, George Brown Larinan Sr died in Los Angeles County. He was born on February 16, 1881 in Illinois.

In November of 1975, George Brown Larinan Jr died in Newhall. He was born on April 19, 1910 in Pasadena, California.

In 1993, Dorothy Larinan sold the Wickham Canyon property and moved out.

In 1999, the house burned down.

On May 1, 2001, Dorothy Larinan, George Jr's second wife, died in Newhall. She was born on January 15, 1913.

On 2/9/1911, widow Lillie Larinan filed a Civil War claim against Michael Larinan, alias Michael O'Larney, in Illinois. Since Michael was on the 1910 US Census, he probably died in 1911.

George Brown Larinan World War I draft registration card

From the Los Angeles Times of July 10, 1935. I have not located any more information about this incident.