The Wickham Family

From U.S. Census records (up to 1930 - the 1940 and later censuses are not available to the public), California Voter Registrations (up to 1960), and death records, I have pieced together the following information (and, unfortunately, have found no Wickham family photos).

See also Bill Rundberg's "Special Memories of Pico Canyon" for his memories of the Wickhams. He writes: "In the canyon behind the Larinans, the Wickhams lived in a small house and had a power plant. A secondary and much older building there was the first private adobe home I had ever seen. I have forgotten its history. While shy of electricity, plumbing and wooden floors, it was very cool on hot summer days."

Summary History:

1930-1932: Sometime between these years Eldon B. Wickham and his son Robert E. moved into the future Wickham Canyon from their home in Glendale, California. His wife had died between 1916 and 1918.

1932-1934: Robert married Leona

1936-1938: Robert and Leona moved out, but Eldon stayed

1938-1942: Eldon lived (alone?) in the canyon

1942-1946: Eldon retired to Glendale and lived with his brother George

1946-1948: Sometime between these years Eldon married again and by 1948 had moved, with his wife Blanche, back into the canyon

1948-1960: Eldon and Blanche lived in the canyon

1963: Eldon died at the age of 79

Detailed History:

Eldon Blaine Wickham was born on June 4, 1884 in Iowa to Ranson Quigley Wickham (1/31/1855 Ohio 10/20/1920) and Laura S. (born Jan. 1865 in Iowa). Eldon had a brother George R. (b 1892) and a sister Laura (b 1896). In the 1900 census the family was living in the city of Los Angeles.

Around 1906, Eldon married Margaret Bibb (who was born in Missouri). On the 1910 U.S. Census, they lived in the city of Los Angeles and had a son Robert Eldon (born on Sept. 29, 1907).

On the 1916 Voter Registration list for the City of Santa Monica Precinct No. 16, Eldon and Margaret were listed as living at 1453 25th Street. Eldon was a land attorney.

Sometime between 1916 and 1918 Margaret died and Eldon moved to El Centro, evidently without his son Robert. On the November, 5, 1918 (and 1920) Voter Registration list for El Centro, Imperial County, California, Eldon was listed as a land attorney. On the 1920 U.S. Census Eldon is listed as a widow and a lodger in El Centro. On the same census, Robert is listed as a lodger with Page and Lena Strother in the city of Los Angeles.

On the 1922 Voter Registration list for Los Angeles County Precinct No. 481, Eldon B. Wickham is listed as an attorney living on 109 S. St. Andrews Place.

On the 1928 Voter Registration list for Los Angeles City Precinct No. 785, Wickham is listed as an attorney living at 529 Heliotrope Drive. Also listed at the same address is his son, Robert E.

On the U.S. Census of April 11, 1930, Eldon is listed, with his son Robert, as living in Glendale, California.

On the 1932 Voter Registration for the Newhall District 1, Eldon and Robert are listed as living in Section 6, the location of Wickham Canyon. Therefore, they moved to the canyon between April of 1930 and 1932. Since he received a homestead patent from the federal govenment in 1937 (which required a 5 year residency), he must have been there by no later than 1932.

On the 1934 Voter Registration for Newhall Precinct No. 1, Eldon B., Robert E., and Mrs Leona M. were listed. Leona was probably married to Robert between 1932 and 1934.

On the 1936 Voter Registration for Newhall, only Robert E. and Mrs. Leona were listed. Eldon B. was not, but I think he was there.

On 4/23/1937, Eldon received a homestead patent for 11.3 acres of land in Wickham Canyon. On 5/5/1937, son Robert received a homestead patent (including land for stock raising) for 620 acres of land in, and not in, Wickham Canyon.

On the 1938 - 1942 Voter Registrations for Newhall, only Eldon B. was listed. His son Robert and Leona evidently moved out between 1936 and 1938. They probably moved to the City of Los Angeles because they were listed on the Voter Registrations there from 1946 - 1954.

In 1944 Eldon B. was not on the Voter Registration for Newhall, but he was on the list for Glendale, California, Eldon (who would be 60 years old) was listed as retired and living at 1861 W. Mountain Street. Also listed at the same address was his brother George R. (a lawyer), Mrs. Vesta B. (George's wife), and Miss Margaret M. (student- probably George and Vesta's daughter).

On the 1946 Voter Registration for Glendale Precinct 149, Eldon B., George R., Mrs. Vesta B., and Miss Margaret M. were listed as living at 1861 W. Mountain St.

On the 1948 Voter Registration for Newhall Precinct 1, Eldon B. and Mrs Blanche N. are listed. Evidently Eldon married Blanche and moved back into the canyon.

Between 1948 and 1960, Eldon B. and Mrs Blanche N. are listed on the Voter Registrations for Newhall.

On August 19, 1963, Eldon Blaine Wickham died in Los Angeles County (born June 4, 1884)

On November 3, 1974, Blanche N. Wickham (Eldon's 2nd wife) died in Riverside, Ca (born Sep. 21, 1892)

On June 21, 1983, Robert Eldon Wickham died in Los Angeles County (born Sept. 29, 1907)

On December 26, 1999, Leona M. Wickham (Robert's wife) died in Los Angeles County (born Feb. 28, 1912)

Eldon Wickham World War I draft registration card

Copy of Eldon Wickham patent of 4/23/37 giving him full ownership of 11.3 acres in the canyon that now bears his name