Andres Pico and Marriage

From "Forster vs. Pico: The Struggle for the Rancho Santa Margarita" by Paul Bryan Gray
The Arthur H. Clark Company, Spokane, Washington, 2002, p. 65 comes this information:
The domestic life of Andres was as chaotic as that of Pio, if not more so. For many years he had lived with Catalina Moreno and permitted her to be regarded as his wife, but never actually married her.
The note for this statement states:
Estate of Pico, Case No. 1159, Los Angeles Superior Court Archives, confirms that he was never married. Catalina Moreno did not qualify as a spouse and heir at his death.
Also from the book:
"It appears that no children came from this informal union. Nevertheless, Andres was almost certainly the father of Romulo Pico, who was born about 1847, and whose mother was Maris Antonia Dominguez. At the of Romulo's birth, his mother was married to Vicente Moraga, making Romulo the result of an adulterous relationship."