Wiley Canyon Photos

Start of road/trail south into Wiley Canyon

Hiking south on the trail

Looking north down an old oil road

North view

Higher up north view

Looking down and west at the bench area. Someone is sitting on the bench.

Higher view toward the west. You can see the trail to Towsley Canyon loop to the right in the middle of the picture and zig-zag up the mountain.

Looking west up the second west tributary in Wiley Canyon

Higher up view of previous picture

On an old oil road

Skull and part of the spine of some unfortunate animal

Poison Oak - always a hazard in the canyons

Coming down the Towsley/Wiley trail was this rattlesnake. He appeared to be sunning himself while blocking the lizard

Closer view. Was the lizard frozen in terror? He didn't move as I got closer. I finally had to encourage the snake to get off the trail and the lizard took off.

Alligator lizard. He seems to be sunning himself with his legs tucked to his side.