East Canyon, Santa Clarita, California

The first mention of East Canyon that I have found is from the "Oil and Gas Yielding Formations of California" by W.L. Watts, Bulletin No. 19, California State Mining Bureau, San Francisco, November 1900. Watts states that "Bervelle & Bradshaw (of Los Angeles) have a well situated in East Canon, the south branch of Rice Canon."

From an 1865 sketch map (see below), the creek east of Wiley Gulch was designated East Branch. Whether this had anything to do with the naming of East Canyon is unknown.

Only three wells were drilled in this canyon, the first in 1899.


History of Oil Development

This sketch map of April 28, 1865, at the Huntington Library shows East Gulch (and Wiley Gulch and Touseley Gulch all off of the main Arroyo Rivera which, today, would be Gavin Canyon)